Commercial Hourly Package



This is to purchase the Hourly Commercial photoshoot. You will be contacted directly for scheduling your photoshoot after the payment is processed.

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Shogunmaster Photography has full service capabilities to make the whole process quick and simple, so by outsourcing your catalog photography services to me you not only save yourself money but can get more than one job done at a time too. Why not consider our advanced editing services for adding extra creative elements to your catalog photo?

Product photography pricing is based on an hourly rate for these services. Fixed bids and detailed estimates for large projects and commercial assignments are also available. The prices cover the time spent taking your photographs, the processing time for the images, how long and what you want to use the images for.

The package contents vary and can be tailored to your requirements. Please contact me directly to discuss your project and I’ll be happy to provide a comprehensive proposal and quote – and demonstrate the potential savings.

Please note: a detailed brief will be required before any work is undertaken to ensure we are taking the photos you require to fulfill your needs.

Why choose this product:
  • Basic editing of photos (removing blemishes, cutting-out or layer masking of photos at additional cost)

  • Client will receive High and Web quality digital photography files on disc or file transfer

  • Turn-around time depends on the intensity of the post-production / editing